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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700202]with Lee Montague

Norman Rodway. John Hollis

This, the author's first full-length play, was produced in 1958 and is seen by Martin Esslin , in his forthcoming book on Pinter, as a complex poetic image in which the author expressed the totality of his own existential anxiety. The play can be variously interpreted as an allegory of the pressures of conformity, as a morality about death, as a metaphor for the process of growing up - or indeed as a blend of all three

Produced by CHARI.ES LEFEAUX (Norman Rodway is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co)


Unknown: Lee Montague

Unknown: Norman Rodway.

Unknown: John Hollis

Unknown: Martin Esslin

Narrator: John Gabriel

Meg: Sylvia Coleridge

Petey: Cyril Shaps

Stanley: John Hollis

Lulu: Barbara Mitchell

Goldberg: Lee Montague

McCann: Norman Rodway