Hull 2017 - Lamanby [Drama]


DRAMA2017092820190924 (R4)Contains Strong Language. Jacob Polley recovers a dream-memory. With music by John Alder.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

Part of Contains Strong Language , a season of poetry and performance.

Jacob Polley - winner of the 2016 TS Eliot prize for poetry - is regarded as one of the leading talents of the new generation of British poets.

Lamanby is his extraordinary story of a childhood house which becomes the site of an alternative personal history. On the eve of the sale of the house he grew up in, an ancient rural farmhouse of creaking floors and shadows, a man returns to spend a final night in the empty rooms. What he begins to hear and experience in the dark is a strange, poetic and powerful dream-vision of the house, far bigger, more fantastic and frightening than the reality - a place resonating with its own history of voices and music. With remarkable music and soundscapes created by John Alder, Lamanby movingly explores how we might hold on to what matters.

NARRATOR - Jacob Polley
MUDDER - Gillian Kearney
JAKE - Sam Hattersley
JEREMY WREN - Ashley Margolis
OLD MAN - Alan Rothwell

Directed in Salford by Susan Roberts.

Drama from BBC Radio 4