Kafka's Metamorphosis


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20201115 (BBC7)
Gregor Samsa's life is dominated by routine - the monotony of his busy commute, mindless call centre job and crowded tower block home is steadily taking its toll.

Then one morning Gregor awakes to find himself transformed into a giant insect. As he attempts to master life with six legs, his family must also learn to live with his new look.

Writer Alan Harris gives Franz Kafka's classic a modern twist with a darkly comic edge.

Gregor.... Tom Basden
Grete.... Emma Sidi
Father.... Kenneth Collard
Mother.... Felicity Montagu
Pest Controller.... Tim Key
Juri.... Simon Ludders
Mr Lazarus.... Mike Bubbins
Mrs Dawson.... Alison Belbin
Narrator.... Peter Marinker

Director: James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in June 2017.

A darkly comic updating of Franz Kafka's classic tale. Starring Tom Basden.