Keeping The Peace With Guvna B


Faith In The World20181023Multi-award winning rap artist Guvna B asks: what does it take to be a peacemaker in Britain today? When communities clash, who are the people calming the anger and promoting togetherness? How do they do it? And what can the rest of us learn from them? For this year’s Faith in the World Week, Guvna B will talk to young people about the conflicts they face. He’ll hear how peacemaking begins deep within us. It involves tough choices to forgive ourselves and others. It extends to relationships with our families and within our communities. It involves stepping out of our comfort zone to reach across bitter divisions in society , whether cultural, religious, political or gang-related. Finally, while international peace may seem like a utopian dream, he believes there are the things each of us can do every day to make the world a more peaceful place.

Producer: Dan Tierney

Rap artist Guvna B asks: what makes a peacemaker?