Madeleine Effect, The

Five stories exploring the role played by food in our lives and memories.

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AR01The Most High Tea20060828Five stories exploring the role played by food in our lives and memories.By Candia McWilliam, read by Tamara Kennedy.|An unusual family visit their favourite sweet shop and leave with far more than just a pleasant taste in their mouth.
AR02Broken Bread20060829By Merryn Glover, read by Gary Lewis.|Helping out at his local soup kitchen, a man reflects upon his childhood.|Amid these memories, a tired old man sits down and begins to eat and, in doing so, reveals far more than he could have imagined.
AR03Mangoes20060830By Joanna Blythman, read by Gerda Stevenson.|The award-winning food critic and writer shares her passion for mangoes, savouring the sticky sweetness of Indian and Pakistani mangoes, and exploring the subject of how one eats a mango.
AR04The Ghosts, The Astronauts, The Tipsy Cake And The Turks20060831Written and read by Finlay Welsh.|A penniless man wanders the streets of Vienna fantasising about eating tipsy cake.|As his hunger grows worse, he is haunted by the city's ghosts and a strange scratching sound at his door.
AR05 LASTSkin And Bones20060901By Sophie Cooke, read by Laura Fraser.|Francis likes to sew, write and cook, but she doesn't much like eating.|When she invites her newly discovered half-brother to dinner, she finds a whole new kind of fullness.