The Man From Thermopylae


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700706]by ADA F. KAY with John Westbrook , Robin Browne

At Thermopylae 300 men of Sparta laid down their lives like heroes. But perhaps one should say nearly 300, for one young man came back.

Produced by DAVID GEARY

(Alan Dudley is a National Theatre Player)

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Unknown: John Westbrook

Unknown: Robin Browne

Old woman: Hilary Mason

Girl: Pamela Craig

Geron: John Westbrook

Pantites :: Robin Browne

Sentry: Alaric Cotter

FrixOS: Alexander John

Melissa: Joan Matheson

Iolaus: Seymour Green

HippiaS: Ralph Truman

Helena: Jane Knowles

Penthessilea: Jessica Shaw

Boy: Judy Bennett

Koryander: Alan Dudley

Philander, the showman: Showman Burnham