Menna Gallie - Strike For A Kingdom


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20170130 (BBC7)
As its residents struggle to survive, the Welsh village of Cilhendre is rocked by murder.
SD20120630 (BBC7)
20170129 (BBC7)
By Menna Gallie

Dramatised by Diana Griffiths

It's 1926 and in the small Welsh valleys village of Cilhendre, the miners are on strike. When the local mine's manager is found dead, the murder investigation begins to expose the tensions and secrets of this close knit community.

Paul Rhys stars in a new adaptation of Menna Gallie's classic novel. First published in 1959, Strike for a Kingdom was Menna Gallie's first book. Menna grew up in a small village in the Swansea valley which serves as a template for the fictional Cilhendre. She was six at the time of the miner's strike, though deeply affected by its impact on her community.

Strike for a Kingdom is two things: It's a darkly engrossing murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. But it's also a beautifully poetic evocation of a close knit community struggling to survive in a world of extreme poverty.

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales production.