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With the help of Michael Winner, Invictus star Adjoah Andoh and those both currently and formerly responsible for bringing us the hyperbole and bombast we've come to expect from film advertising, writer Patrick Humphries takes an affectionate look at the story of the movie trailer. He charts its beginnings from simple cinema slide into the high octane technological wizardry we're used to today.

Central to the story in the UK is Esther Harris who dominated British trailer making for over fifty years beginning in the 1920s. We hear from this 'Queen of Trailers', herself in a never before broadcast interview. This wonderfully eccentric ninety year old explains over a cup of tea how her extraordinary career began and the problems she encountered with censors and occasionally directors including Michael Winner who she recalls told her, "you're a bloody nuisance you know but you've got style!"

Passionate trailer lover Michael Winner talks about Esther and that relentlessly thorny issue, censorship and we find out about his own personal trailer favourites.

With king size thrills and breathtaking suspense, this is a never before heard tribute to a unique aspect of the film industry; and of course, perhaps to no ones surprise, it features a very gravelly voice -

Produced by Katrina Fallon
A Whistledown Production for BBC Radio 4

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in March 2010.

Patrick Humphries takes an affectionate look at the little known story of movie trailers.