No Pain Like This Body [Drama On 3]


2003032320031026by Harold Sonny Ladoo Dramatised by David Dabydeen and Elly Niland.

This rare Caribbean novel dramatised for radio by acclaimed poets Dabydeen and Niland, vividly depicts the terrifying world of a family brutalised by violence, poverty and nature itself.

Set in a Hindu Community in the Eastern Caribbean in 1905 during the August rainy season, it centres on a poor rice-growing family's struggle to survive.

Narrator....Davis Dean Ma....Martina Laird Pa....Jim Findley Nanny....Nina Baden-Semper Nanna....Stefan Kalifa Balraj....James Smith Sunaree....Arlisha Rojas Panday....Anton Rojas Rama....Omari Bertram Jasso....Sharon Maharaj Pandit....Pandit Ram Sankar With original music by Dominique Le Gendre Directed by Nadia Molinari ".