20171215Hardeep Singh Kohli and Maddy Anholt's comedy drama about an ailing vape cafe in Dundee.

Comedy drama co-written and starring Hardeep Singh Kohli and Maddy Anholt.

Wannabe chef, Hardeep, and the force of nature that is Penge Princess, Shazza, clash over ways to save their failing Vape café in Dundee.

Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins

Welcome to the madcap world of Hardeep and Shazza.

They have been thrown together after Hardeep finds himself the owner of EVapeOr8. His tenants have done a runner, leaving him with a shopful of vape equipment and a stack load of debts. This puts Hardeep in a difficult position. Firstly, it goes against the grain to throw in the towel and sell the shop and secondly, Sikhs don't smoke.

Into EVapeOr8 walks Shazza aka The Vape Queen - dragging a wobbly suitcase, wearing scuffed gold hi-tops and with a vape pen out of juice. Hardeep is drawn to her can-do attitude and offers her a full-time job.

Secretly he has his heart set on transforming the place into a restaurant but lack of funds and with Shazza full of ambitious vaping plans, this looks unlikely.

Shazza finally believes she's found her calling in life. Deep down, she knows she owes a lot to Hardeep and wants to repay his kindness by putting EVapeOr8 on the map.

Hardeep feels he's only got one more roll of the dice left to be a chef. He's starting to fall for the Vape Queen but does he love her more than he loves a successful business?

Writer, performer, broadcaster and chef, Hardeep Singh Kohli, fronts shows on BBC Radio 4 including Hardeep's Sunday Lunch and Pick of The Week. He has written and presented documentaries for Channel 4 and wrote, directed and starred in the comedy drama, Meet the Magoos. His one-man shows tour the country and sell out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Maddy Anholt is a comedy actress and scriptwriter. She performed her self-penned, one-woman comedy Diary of a Dating Addict at the Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2015 and at the Soho Theatre, where she had a sell-out run. This summer she brought her new solo comedy, Rent Girl, to the Edinburgh Fringe, directed and co-written by Hardeep Singh Kohli.

20171215Hardeep Singh Kohli and Maddy Anholt's comedy drama about an ailing vape cafe in Dundee.