2003062320040930Without a torch, Chris Yates sets out at night into the Wiltshire countryside with his 12 year old son, and his son's friend.

Its past their bedtime and there's talk of big cats out there.

20040930Chris Yates takes his 12-year-old son and a friend for a walk in the Wiltshire countryside - after dark and without a torch. Tales of big cats in the woods abound.
AD20140814Margaret Wilkinson's moving and haunting drama about secrets and lies.

Judith wants to get closer to her mother but is too frightened to open up and ask for the help she needs. Her mother, Anna, has a secret she's never shared with her daughter and time is running out. When Judith becomes her mother's carer, their lack of communication intensifies. Can these women, forced into intimate proximity hold onto their secrets?

PIANIST....Emily Hooker

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

SNT19750607By: Frank Swinnerton

Starring: Stephanie Turner/Michael Deacon.

SNT1975a6a7By: Frank Swinnerton

Starring: Stephanie Turner/Michael Deacon