Not For Turning [Drama]


DRAMA2020020520200916 (R4)Wide-eyed young Hal from Bolton attends the Conservative Party conference, where he falls in with a young crowd and his awakening is more than just political.

Researcher Cruise tells him "everyone goes gay at Conference". As the young men spill out onto the street in the small hours, Cruise and Hal are photographed, kissing. The photo hits an internet news outlet and trends briefly on social media. The drama considers three possible outcomes for Hal.

Not For Turning offers an unusual insider's perspective on one of the secret corners of political life. Fast, funny and fearless, this is heightened story-telling about some of the collateral damage that can be wreaked by a life in politics.

Author Tim Dawson is a television writer, journalist and an unsuccessful Conservative council candidate in Manchester - as well as a party conference attendee. He created sitcom Coming of Age for BBC 3 as a teenager and, with Susan Nickson, has written many episodes of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Director Lawrence Till is a BAFTA and RTS nominated producer and director with a background in award winning theatre and television. Not for Turning is his directorial debut for BBC Radio 4.

Cassie – Nicola Holt
Hal – Henry Devas
Cruise – Andrew Bentley
Nate – Ashley Gerlach
Garnier and Weasel – Toby Hadoke

Writer: Tim Dawson
Director: Lawrence Till
Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore

A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4

Hal attends the Party conference, where his awakening is more than just a political one.

Drama from BBC Radio 4