On The Edge, Ralph


0120111010. Ex-geography teacher Ralph meets his nemesis in the shape of the Dudley Fantasy Book Club.


An ex-geography teacher with a passion for the Edge, Ralph meets his nemesis in the shape of the Dudley and District Fantasy Book Club. But could his tour end with more serious consequences than a set of unhappy Garner fans?

This Woman's Hour drama from Bafta-winning writer Neil McKay is set on the famous Alderley Edge sandstone escarpment and unfolds over one long day in late summer. When a body is discovered in a cave, the area is sealed off and all witnesses herded together in the Wizard Pub. One by one they are called to give their version of events to Detective Sergeant Lynch. But when you're on the edge, nothing is quite as it seems. An unlikely group including a jogger, some juveniles, a deranged farmer, and a Geography teacher are rounded up and questioned. Who fired the shotgun? Why is young Leah covered in blood? And who is responsible for the dead body?

As the characters' stories unfold, the events of the day gradually converge. All the characters believe they are in some way linked to the dead body. It turns out they are all wrong. It's a funny old place, Alderley Edge. The course of events of that day change the characters forever and force them to face some uncomfortable truths.

The area has fascinated writer Neil McKay for years, not only for its influence on the stories of Alan Garner, but also as a beauty spot that attracts a great diversity of people. The drama was recorded on Alderley Edge at the Wizard Tea Rooms and in the woods, with an ensemble cast.

Neil McKay has written some of television's most cutting-edge contemporary dramas, including Titanic, Planespotting, Dunkirk, Innocents, See No Evil, Mo and An Appropriate Adult. He loves writing for radio too.


Ralph.... Jeffrey Longmore

D. S. Lynch.... Renny Krupinski

Saurabh.... Darren Kuppan

Yusuf & Carl.... Conor Alexander

Janice & Honky.... Fiona Clarke

Sound designer: Eloise Whitmore

Original music by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

Producer: Melanie Harris

A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4.

. Ex-geography teacher Ralph meets his nemesis in the shape of the Dudley Fantasy Book Club."