One Horizon [Drama]


DRAMA2017101820191007 (R4)By Jeremy Hylton Davies. Gwyn runs the Marathon des Sables - 150 miles across the Sahara.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

Gwyn and Paul take on the epic Marathon des Sables - 150 miles across the Moroccan Sahara. Starring Mark Lewis Jones and Richard Harrington.

Gwyn's life was in in pieces until he met Paul. Paul invited him to do something he hadn't done for years - run. And, from that first time around the park, throwing up and thinking he'd never go further, Gwyn slowly began to overcome his demons. Now he's reached the hardest race of them all... 150 miles across the Sahara, in scorching temperatures. But the greatest challenge in the desert... is himself

Jeremy Hylton Davies is a regular writer on BBC One's Doctors. One Horizon is his first play for radio. In it he draws heavily on the experience of its stars - real-life ultra-marathon runners, Mark Lewis Jones (Game of Thrones) and Richard Harrington (Hinterland). Together they ran in the Marathon des Sables themselves in 2014.

Directed by James Robinson
A BBC Cymru Wales Production.