One Minute Silence [Sean Coyle]


I Still Don't Know How You Would Use It20180614Sean doesn't know anyone who ever had a hostess trolley. Where was it kept? The Coyles had a good tea set which was kept upstairs in a box and was never used. Elizabeth's mother had a dinner service which did come out every Christmas. Forbes in Scotland says that years ago people would not cook on a Sunday so they would prepare the Sunday lunch on a Saturday night and keep it in the hostess trolley. Sean is optimistic about the weather for the rest of the summer. Despite what the weather man says. Michael Portillo has the best job on television although his jackets are getting smaller.
Harry says 'keep 'er lit' is from the Royal Navy when the sailors had to keep some kind of flame alive. A rope was set alight and it was swung around to 'keep 'er lit'
Music from The Hollies, Brian Hyland, Eliza Doolittle, Val Doonican, Tourists, Travis and more.

The hostess trolley is a mystery to Sean. He's never seen one in action.

Sean Coyle with requests, dedications and lots of good music to brighten up your morning.

A one-minute silence to mark the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.