Opening Pandora's Box [Drama]


DRAMA2019020920210515 (R4)How do you turn a celebrated silent film into an audio drama? Wedekind's controversial 19th Century Lulu plays formed the basis of the 1929 German movie, Pandora's Box. Its star, Louise Brooks, will forever be associated with her iconic performance as Lulu, the ultimate 'femme fatale'. 90 years on, writer Katie Hims wonders what on earth to do about Lulu.

The Writer/Lulu.... Kate O'Flynn
Justin/Alwa.... Joseph Ayre
Simone/Geschwitz.... Ayesha Antoine
Kerry.... Kerry Gooderson
Dr. Schön.... Tony Turner
Schigolch.... Michael Bertenshaw
Piani.... Ronny Jhutti
The Kind-Faced Man.... Christopher Harper
Rodrigo.... Don Gilet
Dr. van Zarnikow.... Sam Dale
Charlotte.... Franchi Webb

Written by Katie Hims
Original Music by Neil Brand
Directed by Toby Swift

Who is Lulu? Writer Katie Hims is in search of the fictional star of film, stage and opera

Drama from BBC Radio 4