Ordinary Heroes (omnibus)


20190427Two uniformed police officers, Nisha and Scott are patrolling London streets on foot on nightshift. It's policing at the sharp end. Anything can happen. And, of course, it does.

New recruit Scott can't wait to lock up bad guys. He's a bit frustrated to be puppy-walked by a female officer. Not that he's sexist or a misogynist, it's just he craves the company and approval of other guys. He's also got White Knight syndrome tending to see women as damsels in distress. You see, when Scott was 12, his dad died saving a family in a horrific motorway crash. It's a legend Scott's desperate to live up to.

An experienced beat cop, Nisha is no damsel in distress - with a commendation for bravery. She's charmed by Scott's boyish enthusiasm and good-heart - so decides not to burst his balloon - he can find out the hard way that the job is much more about dealing with the sick and vulnerable.

Nisha thought the job would suit her – with her enquiring mind and liking dealing with people – and also after Stephen Lawrence, she felt that the force needed people like her. She’s faced hostility from friends and family but stuck to her guns.

What Nisha doesn't know is that tonight is a night she won’t forget. A gang in a London suburb are planning mass murder...

PC Nisha Hussain - Nisha Nayar
PC Scott Knight - Joel Phillimore
Haneefa Khan - Susannah Fielding
Zeenat Khan - Gurkiran Kaur
John Baker - Lloyd Warbey
Tariq Dewan - Devesh Kishore
Jez Randall - Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong
Minar Sarkar - Tripti Tripuraneni

Omnibus written by Paul Marquess and Sally Tatchell
Series Creator: Paul Marquess

Sound Designer: Simon Morecroft
Composer: Adam Welsh
Police Adviser: Steve Ainscough
Cultural Adviser: Rashad Ali, ISD Fellow

Producer: Claire Fryer
Executive Producers: Paul Marquess and Eoin O’Callaghan
Director: Marina Caldarone

A PGM TV production first broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

Two East London police officers deal with life's rich tapestry.