20170615Poignant comedy drama about British TV's first female comedy star. With Alison Steadman.

Our Hylda by Martyn Hesford
A poignant comedy about British TV's first female comedy star.
It's 1968, and Hylda Baker is a big variety star. However, she's never broken through on the telly. But totally out of the blue Granada TV wants her for a new sitcom, "Nearest and Dearest". Hylda's going to be a major TV star. Unfortunately for Hylda, she doesn't get on with her co-star Jimmy Jewell and the studio is a war zone, and to make matters worse Hylda keeps on forgetting her lines. But this masks a bigger problem - Hylda is struggling with the early symptoms of Alzheimer's.

Director/Producer Gary Brown

Martyn Hesford is a well known TV screenwriter with many credits to his name including 'Fantabulosa' and adaptations of Nicholas Nickleby and The Old Curiosity Shop. His last two plays for R4 were the critically acclaimed 'Frankie Takes a Trip' and 'Give Dotty a Chance'.