Our Liam Of Lourdes [Drama]



Liam is an atheist, a disciple of Dawkins and an out and proud gay man. He's also in crisis, and he really doesn't want to be in Lourdes. What good can the healing waters possibly hold for him?

Liam ..... Joseph Ayre
Toby ..... Paul Ready
Noah ..... Ross K Foad
Maureen ..... Susan Jameson
Dan ..... Christopher Harper
Waiter ..... Pierre Elliott
Worker ..... Sarah Ovens
Redcap ..... Franchi Webb

Writer ..... Alex Oates
Director ..... Jessica Dromgoole
Producers ..... Jessica Dromgoole & Sally Avens

By Alex Oates. A gay atheist in Lourdes is surely immune to the healing waters.

Radio dramas which delight and surprise.