The Our Truthir Lies [Drama]


DRAMA20210129Our Truth Their Lies is a reactive drama about an alarming phenomenon in British society – the growing influence of conspiracy theories such as QAnon. High-profile proponents like David Icke come from a reassuringly loony fringe, but many of those now subscribing to and spreading unproven theories are hitherto rational people from very ordinary backgrounds. There are multiple gateways to QAnon obsession: a belief that 5G played a role in the pandemic, concerns that organised child sex abuse is coordinated by a cabal of global elites, fears that vaccines are a form of insidious government control. A belief in any one of these often exposes social media users to a barrage of unfounded stories about the others.

Our story backtracks through 2020 as it follows Jen’s journey into the darker reaches of the online conspiracy theory universe. We get a portrait of a loving, mostly functional family thrown into crisis as Michael and Louise try to make sense of Jen’s transformation. They reach an uneasy accommodation with Jen, but it is painfully apparent that she has seen the dark heart of the world and it’s her moral duty to spread the word. For her silence is not an option.

Written by Hugh Costello

Jen Monica Dolan
Michael Nicholas Murchie
Louise Macy Nyman
Luka Matthew Aubrey
Bot Jane Slavin

Director Eoin O’Callaghan
A Big Fish Radio Production for BBC Radio 4

There are multiple gateways to a QAnon obsession as Jen finds to her cost.

Drama from BBC Radio 4