Out Of The Fire [Documentary]

Lars Tharp with a five-part series about the role of clay in the history of humankind.


01The Greeks And Their Pots2001022620020602Lars Tharp with a five-part series about the role of clay in the history of humankind.

Dyfry Williams, Head of the Greek section of the British Museum, explains how Greek pots reveal so much about the Greek way of life, how complex firing techniques produced their wonderful colours, and why they were sometimes given as prizes to the winners of races.

02Ceramic Germbusters2001022720020609Doulton collector and engineer Anthony Kenny and social historian Mark Jenner tell the story of how Doulton's brilliant idea of using clay pipes, instead of wooden ones, for sewage transformed the health and sanitation of London and Paris.

Lars Tharp with a series about the history of clay.

03On The Tiles2001022820020616Tile collector Chris Blanchett discusses the decorative, architectural and practical purposes of tiles, while Harrods archivist Sebastian Wormell explains their function on the outside of the building and their importance to the food and meat halls within.
04A Space Odyssey2001030120020623Doug Millard, head of space technology at the Science Museum in London, explains the role of clay in cladding the space shuttle and the use of ceramics in providing recyclable parts for the expensive business of space exploration.
05 LASTGlorious Porcelain2001030220020630Rose Kerr, keeper of the Far Eastern section at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Giuseppe Eskenazy, who runs a china gallery, talk about the importance of clay to the Chinese.