Own Hair, Own Teeth

Four new stories about romantic encounters and the vagaries of love among the over-60s.


AR01Lena2004083120050731By Carla Lane

As Lena approaches her sixtieth birthday, she contemplates her marriage, her grown-up children and a life that centres around cooking, cleaning and keeping an eye on her elderly, alcoholic father.

A few stolen moments with her gardener Arron (who's just a friend, you understand), with whom she shares a passion for animals and Berlioz, lead her to think there might just be more to life than this

Read by Pauline Collins.

Stories about love among sixty-somethings.By Carla Lane.

A new friendship leads Lena to wonder whether there might be more to life than cooking, cleaning and looking after her family.

AR02When The Daisies Close2004090120050807by Angela Huth.

Rose and Edward visit the retirement bungalow their children have persuaded them to buy.

Rose and Edward visit the retirement bungalow that their children have persuaded them to buy.

Read by Julia McKenzie.

AR03Who Shall I Run To?2004090220050814By Lynne Reid Banks.

Sally and Jeremy celebrate their wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Paris.

Read by Sian Phillips

Jeremy and Sally celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary with a trip to Paris, but the holiday conjures up ghosts from Sally's past, exposing the cracks in their previously tranquil marriage.

AR04 LASTFlight To Verona2004090320050821By Elizabeth Berridge.

Linda worries about her mother's shoplifting tendencies and about her new male friend.

But sixty-five year old Dora is too busy learning her lines as a star-crossed lover in an oldie production of Romeo and Juliet to pay her daughter much attention.

Read by Rosemary Leach.

About the Author: Elizabeth Berridge published her first short story in 1941 and has published nine novels, Across the Common winning the Yorkshire Post Award for Best Novel of the Year in 1964.

She reviewed fiction for the Daily Telegraph for twenty-five years, and her last novel, Touch and Go, was adapted as a play by BBC Radio 4.

She lives in West London.

Dora prepares to play the lead in an oldie production of Romeo and Juliet.