The Oxbridge Murder


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20190731 (BBC7)
Marking Cambridge University's 800th anniversary in 2009, David Baddiel investigates the events which led to its foundation and trace its origins to a crime committed in the 13th century.

With the help of Cambridge University archivist Dr Patrick Zutshi, medieval historian Henrietta Leyser and Detective Inspector Ted East, David discovers that the reason for a mass exodus of scholars from Oxford to Cambridge can be traced back to a murder. He walks the very streets where the murder took place and visits Oxford Castle, where some believe those accused of the murder were hanged.

He then takes a punt up the River Cam, where he is joined by members of the Cambridge Historical Society for a discussion about town and gown rivalry and also some of the amusing myths surrounding the university's foundation.

Finally, David visits St Mary's Church, where Cambridge's new student body met for their first lectures and ceremonies.

David Baddiel investigates the events that led to the foundation of Cambridge University.