Quartet For The End Of Time [Drama]


DRAMA20201006At 10am on a Wednesday morning, the Stellae String Quartet meets for rehearsal. Each of them has met at this time on this day for the last twelve years, but today is different. Today something extraordinary happens. Today they discover that together they can stop time. Shocked, excited, amazed, each player takes a turn to use this newfound power to change something in their lives.

Anika (First Violin): Mandeep Dhillon
Peter (Viola): Simon-Anthony Rhoden
Emily (Cello): Anna Doolan
Felix (Second Violin): Ed Browning

Written by Emma Hooper with original music by Red Carousel. Casting by Alison Crawford, Ali Serle, Victoria Cansfield and Toby Field. Produced by Toby Field for BBC Audio in Bristol.

A string quartet discover that they can stop time. Written by Emma Hooper.

Drama from BBC Radio 4