The Rabbit House, Exile And Return


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Ih the last episode of Laura Alcoba's powerful and moving account of her childhood in the turbulent years of the 'dirty war' in Argentina in the 1970s, the young Laura leaves the Rabbit House and is sent to safety in France. From here, many years later, she returns to Buenos Aires to discover what happened to the house and to her friends Did and Cacho, and especially to the baby Didi gave birth to. Like many people who lived through those times, the adult Laura finds the truth of what happened hard to bear, but like the women who demonstrate each week in the main square in Buenos Aires, she finds some hope for the future alive and still defiant.

The Rabbit House by Laura Alcoba is translated by Polly McClean and dramatised for radio by Sheila Yeger.


Adult Laura: Saira Todd

Young Laura: Bethan Barke

Mother: Jenny Coverack

Father: Jay Villiers

Grandmother: Merelina Kendall

Grandfather: Rod Beacham

Diana: Lisa Coleman

Engineer: Vincenzo Pellegrino

Chicha: Sonia Elliman

Shopkeeper/Guard: Charlotte Ellis

Producer: Sara Davies.

. In adulthood, Laura returns to Buenos Aires to discover what happened to the rabbit house."