Saturday Night Theatre - The Green Hill


Genome: [r4 Bd=19940402]Diana Quick stars in the first of two linked plays by John Fletcher.

The Druid. In 1984, the perfectly preserved body of a man was found in a peat bog in Cheshire. Archaeologists now believe he lived at the time of the Roman invasion, that he was a druid, and was the willing victim of ritual sacrifice. This is his story.

With Peter Meakin , Richard Avery , Jonathan Wyatt , Susan Jeffrey , David Holt and Gillian Goodman Music by Martin Allcock and Simon Nicol

Director Nigel Bryant (Play Two Monday at 7.45pm)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19940402] Unknown: Diana Quick

Unknown: John Fletcher.

Unknown: Peter Meakin

Unknown: Richard Avery

Unknown: Jonathan Wyatt

Unknown: Susan Jeffrey

Unknown: David Holt

Unknown: Gillian Goodman

Music By: Martin Allcock

Music By: Simon Nicol

Director: Nigel Bryant

Lovernios: Kim Wall

Boudica: Diana Quick

Gaius: Peter Harlowe

Suetonius: Ian Redford

Decianus: Roger Hume