Scandinavian Dreams [Drama On 3]


2007102120090524By Steve Chambers.

In the last years of the 18th Century, as revolution raged in France, feminist writer and radical pamphleteer Mary Wollstonecraft embarked alone on a journey to the wilds of Scandinavia to recover her husband's lost treasure ship.

This daring and dangerous journey was undertaken as much for reasons of the heart as for those of commerce, but her brilliant triumph failed to recover the thing she wanted most of all.

Music by Martin Kiszko.

Mary....Rachel Atkins

Imlay....John Schwab

Marguerite....Colleen Prendergast

Beckman....Martin Wenner

Wulfsberg....David Menkin

Elleson....Michael Roberts

Boatman....Gerard Mcdermott

Godwin/Nordberg....Christian Rodska

Nell....Ella Smith.