Tango Diaries [Drama]


DRAMA20210320Ron Hutchinson writes a series of compelling vignettes, exploring why Tango is such an obsession and a way of life for some people.

Is it the drama, the proximity, the rhythm, the soul-bearing? Five people explain why this astonishing dance means so much to them.

Ron Hutchinson has written extensively for the theatre (Rat in the Skull, Pygmies in the Ruins, Moonlight and Magnolias) and for TV and Film (Bird of Prey, The Ten Commandments). His last radio drama was Ship of Lies in 2019.

Annie - Summer Strallen
Howard - Matt Rippey
Ross - Damian Lynch
Sean/The Chief - Jos Vantyler
Marco/Dance Hall Owner - Kerry Shale
Grace/Frannie/Kara - Melli Bond
Jeanie - Jane Jackson
Stanislav - Tomasz Aleksander
Lena- Nicola Stuart Hill
Dan - Chris Buckley
Nadya/Shoe Lady - Flora Montgomery
Archie - Richard Wilson

Produced and Directed by Clive Brill

A Brill production for BBC Radio 4

To some people, Tango is an obsession. To many, it is the spirit of life itself.

Drama from BBC Radio 4