The Unbroken Line With Eliza Carthy


2018123120190104 (RS)Eliza Carthy grew up in a folk family in Yorkshire: her mother was part of The Waterstons, who found old ballads from the Dales and brought them back to life in the folk clubs and festivals of the UK and beyond. Her father, Martin Carthy, established Steeleye Span and has been singing ballads and touring for decades as a soloist. It's no surprise then Eliza herself was destined to become a professional musician. She spent years touring the folk festivals with her parents, including in Scotland. And as an adult, she lived in Edinburgh for over a decade. So she has a particular affinity with the Scottish folk scene.

In this programme, Eliza looks at the impact the Scottish scene has had on her and her family's approach to music making over the years. And she discovers what English players and performers can learn from the tradition here to promote a healthy, vibrant and sustainable future involving all the generations.

Singer and fiddle player Eliza Carthy looks at how the folk scene in Scotland has evolved.