Under Milk Wood [Drama]


DRAMA19991107The original production of Dylan Thomas's `play for voices', first broadcast in 1954 and now digitally remastered.

Richard Burton (First Voice), Richard Ebb (Second Voice), Hugh Griffith (Captain Cat), Rachel Thomas (Rosie Probert), Diana Maddox (Polly Garter), Dafydd Havard (Mr Mog Edwards), Sybil Williams (Myfanwy Price), Dilys Davies (Mrs Ogmore Pritchard), David Close-Thomas (Mr Ogmore), Ben Williams (Mr Pritchard), Meredith Edwards (Butcher Benyon), Diana Maddox (Gossamer Benyon), Philip Burton (Rev Eli Jenkins), Gwyneth Petty (Lily Smalls), John Huw Jones (Mr Pugh), Mary Jones (Mrs Pugh).

Director: Douglas Cleverdon.

SP20031115Richard Burton stars in a brand new production of Under Milk Wood, to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Dylan Thomas.

Possibly the most famous radio play ever written is given a fresh lease of life in the first new production for BBC Radio in 25 years.

The inimitable performance of Richard Burton as First Voice has been digitally remastered and mixed with new performances of all the other parts to create a magical, fresh visit to the unique but universal world of Llareggub.

Touching, eerie and very funny, the play tells the story of a day in the life of the inhabitants of a small Welsh seaside town, their dreams and routines, their loves and regrets.

With characters and phrases that have entered daily parlance, the play opens with, 'To begin at the beginning', and features No Good Boyo, Lily Smalls, Polly Garter, Organ Morgan and Captain Cat in its cast list of more than 50.

Sian Phillips joins Richard Burton to play Second Voice.

Also featured in the all-Welsh cast are Matthew Rhys, Glyn Houston, Lisa Palfrey, Catrin Rhys and Steven Meo, and there's a special guest appearance by John Humphrys.

A new musical score has been composed by John Hardy.

Directed by Alison Hindell