Under The Southern Cross

Five stories from Australia.


01And Women Must Weep2001080620020811Five stories from Australia.

by Henry Handel Richardson.

Dolly's first grown-up ball does not live up to expectations.

Read by Lucinda Cowden.

02Kaijek The Songman2001080720020818by Xavier Herbert.

An encounter with a gold prospector provides inspiration for a new song.

Read by Douglas Walker.

03Lady Weare And The Bodhisattva2001080820020825by Kylie Tennant.

Read by Darlene Johnson.

04The Shed2001080920020901Elizabeth Jolley.

Building a shed proves more satisfying than reading a letter from England.

Read by Madi Hedd.

05 LASTHickenlooper's Syndrome2001081020020908by Terry Lane.

Morris is a news junkie, but one day he just cannot read the papers any more.

Read by Douglas Walker.