Unplayable - Disability And The Gaming Revolution


20210128There has long been a sizeable gap between the popularity of video games and their accessibility. Disabled gamers can find themselves thwarted by changes to controller settings, frozen out of storylines because particular motor skills are being tested, or stymied by a sudden obstacle that requires acute hearing or eyesight from someone who is audibly or visually impaired.

But after decades of advocacy work by disabled gamers, that gap is beginning to close. Not only are games now becoming more accessible but, in the booming world of esports, disabled gamers are playing in the world's biggest tournaments.

Blind gamer Steve Saylor looks at what gaming means to disabled people through the characters and stories that have been instrumental in making gaming more accessible.

Steve always thought that he sucked at gaming - it turned out that gaming sucked for him. These are the stories of how disabled gamers have changed - and are changing - the face of gaming and eSports across the world.

Produced by Ant Adeane
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4

The disabled gamers making gaming more accessible.