The Verdi Centenary Stories

One hundred years after the composer's death, four writers tell tales in which his music plays a part.


01The Lion Whose Stomach Was A Beehive200101021: Oscar-winning writer and director Anthony Minghella reads his own story, `The Lion Whose Stomach Was a Beehive', inspired by Verdi's Requiem.
02That Was Then, This Is Now20010103by Jonathan Keates.

The biographer and short story writer has set his tale in a village in the Po Valley, where the locals' yearning for Italian independence had once been fomented by performances of `I Lombardi'.

03The Radar Angel20010104Ruth Padel tells a modern version of `La Traviata', called `The Radar Angel'. The Lady of the Camellias is a young Japanese girl, working her way around the world, until she meets a Kerry man.
04 LASTAida20010105Erica Wagner, author and editor, spins a tale around `Aida'.