DRAMA20210209Matt Woodhead's verbatim drama tells the story of three young carers in Salford, who had no choice but to become the adult in their families. Based on over a hundred hours of interviews, this play premiered at the Lowry Theatre before touring the UK and prompting many 'hidden' young carers to come forward and receive support.

Nicole.... Lizzie Mounter
Jade.... Jessica Temple
Connor.... Luke Grant

Produced by Toby Swift

Who Cares began life as a theatre project and was created to provide a rare insight into a day in the lives of young carers from Salford. The original production was co-produced by The Lowry and LUNG in partnership with Gaddum, a charity providing health and wellbeing support across Greater Manchester.

Three young carers share the ups and downs of their lives. Verbatim drama by Matt Woodhead

Drama from BBC Radio 4