Yellow Lips [Drama]


DRAMA20210329Katie's Redford's debut drama tells of a daughter's memories of her mum's struggle with mental health. Tender, moving but delightfully funny too.

Narrator/Jen ….. Katie Redford
Mum, Alison ….. Lorraine Ashbourne
Dad, Rick ….. Stephen Critchlow
Young Jen ….. Grace Doherty
Matty/Izra ….. Wilbur Conabeare
Granny Beryl ….. Jessica Turner
Mrs Howe ….. Elinor Coleman

Directed by Tracey Neale

Yellow Lips is a story told from the perspective of Jen, the daughter of a woman who has been struggling with her mental health. When Jen is eight, her mum is sectioned. The young Jen never truly questioned the effect it had on her and her family. But looking back, with an older head upon her shoulders, she has the knowledge of how such an illness can affect the dynamics of a family.

A recollection consisting of vivid memories and images from childhood, which seemed so normal at the time, are with hindsight far from it. The grown up Jen delves back into the past picking out certain moments and witnessing various events that have shaped the relationship she has with her mum. There are heartbreaking and deeply painful moments but what shines through is the wonderfully creative and funny mum too. Jen talks us through the downward spiral leading up to that day in 1996, when Wannable by The Spice Girls was released, and which also happened to be the day her Mum was sectioned and then takes us through the climb back up to her mum's recovery.

Katie is a writer/performer from Nottingham. She is a BAFTA Rocliffe TV Comedy winner and was also part of the BBC Comedy Writersroom. Her short film ‘Ghosted' starring Alison Steadman, which she wrote and produced, received the BFI Network award in association with Film Hub Midlands. She has various scripts in commissioned development for TV and is currently listed on the BBC New Talent Hot List. Yellow Lips is her debut drama for Radio 4.

In addition to writing Yellow Lips, Katie plays the part of the Narrator Jen. Katie won the Norman Beaton Fellowship Award and the prize was a place on the Radio Drama Company. Many radio credits followed and she now plays Lily in The Archers. Her television credits include - Mount Pleasant, Young Hyacinth and Open All Hours.

Lorraine Ashbourne plays Mum. Lorraine has many radio and television credits to her name and she regularly appeared at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. Her most recent work includes - Unforgotten, Grantchester, Cheat, I Hate Suzi, Out of Her Mind, The Crown (playing Barbara Castle) and Bridgerton in which she plays Mrs Varley.

Stephen Critichlow plays Dad. Stephen has numerous audio drama credits to his name. He played Kenneth Horne in Round the Horne Revisited for the Leicester Square Theatre and reprised the role of Kenneth in BBC TV's Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa. He also appeared in the long running The 39 Steps at the Criterion Theatre and his most recent theatre credit was The Remains of the Day in 2019.

Katie Redford's debut drama, a daughter's memories of her mum's battle with mental health.

Drama from BBC Radio 4