York Early Music Festival 2010 -


EMSEnsemble Lucidarium20100926Catherine Bott presents music for a Jewish wedding performed by Ensemble Lucidarium from the 2010 York Early Music Festival.

In order to reflect the festival theme of "music and marriage", the Italian based medieval and renaissance group Ensemble Lucidarium devised and performed an enchanting programme of early music written to celebrate and compliment a typical renaissance Jewish wedding service, with songs and dances reflecting the different aspects of the ceremony.

Catherine Bott presents music for a Jewish Wedding from the 2010 York Early Music Festival

EMSLa Capella Ducale & Musica Fiata, Koln20100925Catherine Bott presents a concert by Musica Fiata and La Capella Ducale, directed by Roland Wilson, in the Chapter House of York Minster as part of the 2010 York Early Music Festival.

Their programme consists of German wedding music from the time of the Thirty Years War, by Scheidt, Schein and Schutz.

During this turbulent time in North European history, composers found it very difficult to get their music printed, but rich patrons were still keen to commission special music for weddings, which they would then see published.

As a result several composers of the time adapted their best pieces to suit the wedding theme in the hope that their music would then reach a wider audience.

This concert reflects some of that music.

Catherine Bott presents Musica Fiata at the 2010 York Early Music Festival.