01The Child19970825`The Child's View'.

In the first of four converstions with the best of India's newest generation of young authors, Noah Richler travels to Kerala in southern India and meets Arundhati Roy, whose first novel, `The God of Small Things', has already caused a sensation in literary circles.

02The Backwards-forward View19970826Noah Richler travels to Delhi and meets Mukul Kesavan, whose novel `Looking through Glass' follows the fortunes of a photographer who falls from a train and through history to 1942, the time of the Quit India movement and India's subsequent independence.
03The View From Inside199708273: `The View from Inside'.

Bengali author Upamanyu Chatterjee's `English, August' is an irreverent tale of a young Indian's coming of age, posted to a remote civil-service job in India's north-eastern tribal belt.

Noah Richler talks to the author in Bombay, where he works for the Indian administrative service and is in charge of the city's slum development programme.

04The View From Abroad199708284: `The View from Abroad'.

In the last of his conversations with young Indian authors, Noah Richler talks to the Commonwealth Prize-winning novelist Shashi Tharoor in New York (where he is also the special assistant to the Director General of the United Nations) about his fiction and his upcoming history of India since independence.