DRAMA20181025Stuart Slade's drama about the destructive impact of telling lies and what happens when a family secret is brought out into the open. In agreeing to return home to Bulgaria with her daughter, Svetlana is made to confront a life-changing decision from her past.

Svetlana ….. Dolya Gavanski
Ellie ….. Lauren Cornelius
Petu ….. Sokol Cahani
Young Svetlana ….. Lucy Doyle
Konstantin ….. Liam Lau Fernandez
Bulgarian woman ….. Emma Handy
Malcolm ….. Cameron Percival

Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins

Stuart Slade has written for stage and screen, this is his debut radio play. His most recent production, BU21, played at the Trafalgar Studios and was nominated for an Offie. His next stage play, Troika, will be appearing at The Bush Theatre in a forthcoming season of new work.

Family secrets are dragged into the open when Svetlana returns to Bulgaria.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

Radio 4 drama